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First show of the day, Riverview Park.<br>(Chattanooga, TN 8/4/05)
First show of the day, Riverview Park.
(Chattanooga, TN 8/4/05)

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October 01, 2010

Pac NW Tour 2010

Long discussed, some time in the making, and now upon us: the Onion Flavored Rings are touring the Pacific Northwest in October. We'll be joined by our old pals The Terribles, who are backing up Jacob to form a power-foursome, "Jacob the Terrible."

We'll be hitting the usual four-city circuit: Bay Area (probably Oakland), Portland, Seattle, and Olympia. Not necessarily in that order. More details as they solidify.

OFR Trivia: Mike Leslie of The Terribles drew the amazing cover and insert art for our epic 7" concept record, "Perfect Evolution."