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View from the kitchen, 789 House, Benicia
View from the kitchen, 789 House, Benicia

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February 26, 2009

Defect Defect in West Oakland

Last week, OFR was at the Black Fork/Zero Boys show at Gilman. Just to watch, of course. Great show.

This week--tonight, 27 Feb 2009--our Portland pals Defect Defect are playing at a house in West Oakland. Again, OFR will be there, but this time...to play!

The address? Ummmm...12th Street-ish? "Acts of Sedition House?" It's nestled among all the other houses where there've been shows over there the last few years. Pine St.? Wood St.? It's all a blur to me.

But we'll be there tonight, Fischer from Santa Cruz will be there, and you can be there, too. Just listen for the joyous noises emanating from one house or another. And come on in!