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100° in the shade, you’d scream too.<br>(Carbondale, IL 8/2/05)
100° in the shade, you’d scream too.
(Carbondale, IL 8/2/05)

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May 17, 2010

One Third

After agonizing, soul-searching, what-have-you, we've reached a decision: Onion Flavored Rings can't play The Fest in Chattanooga next month. It saddens that simple economics forces us to miss a chance to play with so many of our friends at what is sure to be fun on a scale even grander than last year.

But perhaps we'll make our way to the region later in the summer or fall. And in the meantime, Paul's other band Surrender is headed out on tour soon, and his old band Go Sailor has some shows planned in parts east.

And one third of OFR will be at The Fest for sure: Erick's in several bands slated to play over that weekend. In fact, there's so much going on, no one's going to miss li'l ol' OFR anyway.