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Erick drinks it dry...with his mind!
Erick drinks it dry...with his mind!

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December 22, 2009

MRR Review of "Funny"

There's a nice review of our last record Funny in issue #320 (January 2010) of MAXIMUMROCKNROLL:

I've always been really impressed by ONION FLAVORED RINGS' vocal melodies. With the simple rhythms of Steve and Paul's stringed partnership and Erick's sharp drumming, the songs are super sing-songy, almost like nursery rhymes, which creates an incredibly satisfying listening experience. Funny is just another excellent presentation from this Bay Area pop-punk outfit that met in Amsterdam in 1972 at the squat that the RFA fled to at the peak of their infamy. Which is also funny.

No, we don't understand the penultimate sentence either.