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Playing at the awesome Lemp Arts Center.<br>(STL 8/1/05)
Playing at the awesome Lemp Arts Center.
(STL 8/1/05)

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Virginities (1.79 MB)
from Two Minutes’ Enlightenment

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Music Video for Down! on our MySpace page.
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The Band

Onion Flavored Rings

OFR formed back in June 2001 when Erick, who'd known Steve from his street music days with the funyons in Miami, convinced Paul to play a few songs with them one night. Erick's hunch was right: it was a good fit. More than seven years on, we're still playing together, whether at shows in the Bay Area and beyond, or just our consistently weekly practice. Resolutions for 2009 include a new record and a tour of the eastern US.

Bass, vocals

Paul Curran

Paul Curran has been in too many great bands to recount here. When we tour, everyone has questions about his tenure with Crimpshrine, but he also played in the awesome 3-piece Go Sailor. Paul's duties with OFR include packology, and he boasts a degree from PIPTIT (The Packological Institute of Putting Things in Things).

After nearly two decades as a shitworker, Paul put in a stint as coordinator at MAXIMUMROCKNROLL, but has happily retaken shitworker status. He's also a long-time volunteer at the Gilman Street Project in Berkeley, and still somehow found time to resurrect the long-dormant MRR Radio show.


Erick Lyle

Perhaps inspired by the funyons' Sir Robert long ago in Miami, Erick dreamed of playing drums in a punk rock band. His percussion duties may obscure the fact that he's probably the best guitar player in the band.

Erick is also well-known as the author of the long-running zine SCAM.

Guitar, vocals

Steve Funyon

The third best guitar player in the band, but he'd be even worse on any other instrument, so what can you do? There's only three of us, and at least he can sort of sing while playing at the same time.

His dreams of being a behind-the-scenes songwriter for Methadone Actors were dashed long ago, when he was forced to take up guitar and sing for pennies on the streets of Miami. In addition to first enticing Erick to one day form OFR, this was where the bulk of the first OFR record's songs originated.