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Hard to Tell (Two Minutes’ Enlightenment) (click for MP3 file)

It’s hard to tell, it’s hard to tell
As she holds me to her chest
If love is something she can only
Get with someone else.
Looking out my window
Happy couples all around.
Wonder why I wonder why
I have to do without.

Such a tired story
I been living it too long.
Watching love evaporate
I wonder what went wrong.
Every word from her mouth
Tumbles out like a clichˇ
First she rips my heart out then
She has the nerve to say...

She regrets my romantic obsolescence
She says she
Knows that we will always
Be the best of friends.

Feeling bad, I’m feeling mad,
I let her make me sad.
Suddenly I realize
There’s others I can have.
Maybe she’ll look back on this as
Her tragic mistake.
Then she’ll know the pain I know when it’s
Her own heart that breaks.

She’ll regret her romantic obsolescence
She’ll wish she’d
Never asked me to be
Nothing more than friends.