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ONION FLAVORED RINGS - Used To It - CD (OFR-001) vinyl sold out
The debut of this San Francisco trio which features the unmistakable songwriting, vocals, and guitar of Steve Funyon, lead man of Miami's legendary street band The Funyons. The upbeat drumming of Iggy Scam (ex-Chickenhead, Shotwell, Miami, and now in Allergic to Bullshit, Ye Olde Buttfuck, and The Horrible Odds) adds power and drive to Steve's acerbically witty songs of self doubt, doom, addiction, and the undead (not to mention quantum physics). Paul Curran (ex-Crimpshrine, Monsula, Go Sailor) rounds it all off on the bass and backup vocals. O.F.R. has toured the Eastern U.S. and has even found time to play in California and Oregon quite a bit.

SEXY - Por Vida - LP (OFR-002) Back in print on Thrillhouse Records
Brilliant pop music meets drunken D.I.Y. punk rock. At first listen it may sound sloppy and noisy but somehow the tunes get totally stuck in your head. Upon further listening you'll realize that Sexy are pure rock geniuses. Lyrics that are heartbreaking, hilarious, and dare I say, poetic -- sung and played by the bafflingly talented duo of Ashley Krey on guitar, and Chris Kohler (ex-Deadly Weapons) on drums. We started Onion Flavored Records just to put out the Onion Flavored Rings record, but when we heard this recording by Oakland's Sexy, we knew that we had to be the ones to put it out. This one is now a favorite of kids all over the country. After seeing them on tour with The Fleshies, and then again with Onion Flavored Rings, everyone's got this glued to their turntables.

THE HORRIBLE ODDS - Underground - 12" (OFR-003)
Eric Nelson, front man of Chattanooga, TN's incredible Jack Palance Band on guitar and vocals. Mike Pack, an amazing performer, also in the J.P.B. and Ye Olde Buttfuck plays the bass and sings backups. Buddah of Los Canadians, Stun Guns, Cavity, The Jack Palance Band, Chickenhead, Ye Olde Buttfuck, and countless other great bands from the Dirty South and beyond kicks ass on guitar. The big difference between The Horrible Odds and The Jack Palance Band, though, is that all the Horrible Odds songs are written by and drummed by our very own Iggy Scam (ex-Chickenhead, Shotwell, Miami, and now in Allergic to Bullshit, Ye Olde Buttfuck, and of course Onion Flavored Rings). The eight songs on this 12" are tight, fast, melodic bursts of gut-wrenching pain, joy, struggle, and hope. The gruff, heartfelt vocals, the solid-as-fuck guitars and bass, along with the tireless Scam drumming style give The Horrible Odds a sound that's distinctively driving, inspiring, and hard to get out of your head.
MODERN MACHINES - Thwap! - LP (OFR-004) CD is on New Disorder Records
Milwauk-n-roll! These guys are one hard working, hard touring, truly dedicated bunch of dudes, not to mention a great band. They do wear their influences (Husker Du, Replacements) on their sleeves, but the Modern Machines have their own brand of unadulterated punk rock 'n' roll. Memorable hooks and catchy choruses abound, as well as one classic beer-drinking sing-along. A limited repress of 300. Get this while you can!
CHASED & SMASHED - 30 Seconds Over Hillsboro - 12" (OFR-005)
This awesome Portland band fuses the chaotic power of early hardcore punk (like maybe The Damned or Black Flag) with Northwestern rock 'n' roll and a sense of melody that seems to be rooted in the sounds of X, The Clash or even Wire. No, they're not retro. They just have sound that's timeless and punk-as-fuck without sounding like they're trying to be punk-as-fuck. With instant classics like "I Used to Be a Drunken Ho" and "Expired Tags," this record is full of tragedy, humor and pissed-offedness. Veterans of many great bands that you may or may not know (but should) -- like God Hates Computers, Sawhorse, and Things I Hate -- Chased and Smashed have really come into their own, and all their years of hard work are evident on this excellent debut.

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